Designer custom cabinetry service in Geelong

Looking for new cabinetry for your home or business, but finding it hard to settle on an off-the-shelf solution? At MRT Cabinets in Geelong, we specialise in custom designer cabinets, tailor-made to suit your needs, budget, space and any other specific requirements.

With an in-house design consultant on our team, we can give you a full picture of all the possibilities for your bathroom cabinets, laundry storage or kitchen cabinets. Our designer can come to your home or business to take measurements and work with you to determine the colours, finishes, materials and custom cabinetry styles that suit your individual needs.

Our unique service includes presenting your designer custom cabinets in 3D, giving you an accurate representation of how the final product will appear - so there are no nasty surprises when your cabinets are installed.

Do you need an onsite custom cabinetry consultation with our interior design consultant?

“I want to build a new kitchen, but I need good advice.”

“The space I have to work with is impossible as it won’t fit standard size cabinets.”

“I can’t visualise and I can’t read plans - I need to see things in 3D.”

“Where do I begin? Who can help me get it right?”

If you're worried about getting things right, give the team at MRT Cabinets a call. We can walk you through all the options we provide as part of our custom cabinetry designer service.